Call for Papers

Topics of interest include the following, but not limited to:

Big Data Science and Foundations:

  • New Data Standards
  • Novel Theoretical Models for Big Data
  • Data and Information Quality for Big Data
  • New Computational Models for Big Data

Big Data Security, Privacy and Trust:

  • Threat Detection using Big Data Analytics
  • Privacy Threats of Big Data
  • User Studies for any of the above
  • Intrusion Detection for Gigabit Networks
  • Visualizing Large Scale Security Data
  • Privacy Preserving Big Data Collection/Analytics
  • HCI Challenges for Big Data Security & Privacy
  • Anomaly and APT Detection in Very Large Scale Systems
  • High Performance Cryptography
  • Sociological Aspects of Big Data Privacy
  • Trust management in IoT and other Big Data Systems

Big Data Infrastructure:

  • Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing for Big Data
  • High Performance/Parallel Computing Platforms for Big Data
  • Autonomic Computing and Cyber-infrastructure, System Architectures, Design and Deployment
  • Energy-efficient Computing for Big Data
  • Programming Models and Environments for Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing to Support Big Data
  • Software Techniques and Architectures in Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing
  • Big Data Open Platforms
  • New Programming Models for Big Data beyond Hadoop/MapReduce, STORM
  • Software Systems to Support Big Data Computing